Hope & Grace Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Hope & Grace Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program (IOP) is a step-down level of care that is designed for people 18 and over that suffer from alcohol or substance abuse and need more than weekly counseling sessions.

This level of care is for those people who have completed detox and a residential stay/PHP and do not need 24-hour supervision. Our IOP addiction treatment program in Oakland Park, Florida, provides more freedom for clients and allows them to reintegrate faster back into their daily lives.

Hope & Grace Recovery’s IOP schedule is designed to allow our clients to accommodate their work and family life while giving them a safe environment to fall back on.

While participating in our IOP program, clients will primarily attend group meetings, but will also be assigned an individual therapist that will meet with them on a weekly basis.

Eligibility for Hope & Grace Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program

An appropriate candidate for the program:

  • Has already completed a PHP or residential recovery program.
  • Is able to maintain themselves in daily activities such as school, work or caring for a family member.
  • Has already developed a strong support system of family and friends.

What to Expect at Our Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Program in Oakland Park, Florida

Hope & Grace Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program lasts 45 to 60 days (depending on the progress of the client). Each client in our IOP drug rehab in South Florida is expected to attend daytime or evening classes/sessions 3 times a week depending on their work schedules.

Daytime and evening IOP sessions are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Groups are smaller – from 10 to 15 people – which allows for a more tranquil and nurturing environment. Individual and Family sessions are scheduled between the client and their primary therapist.

If clients do not work during the daytime, they are expected to attend daytime IOP classes. Our clients will either reside in a sober living house or independently.

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