Honest Testimonials From Loved Ones


Loved ones see the devastation of addiction first hand. Now you can read about how Hope & Grace Recovery Center has helped countless families successfully overcome the disease of addiction. We walk the road to recovery together, every step of the way.

My son went into treatment August of 2018 here in Pennsylvania about 45 minutes from home. He was transferred to Hope and Grace Recovery in Pompano Beach, Florida four weeks later.  At first I wasn’t too happy about him being so far away but the care and treatment he has received has been amazing. The staff are very caring and capable. Regular drug testing is done and becoming self sufficient, having a sponsor and going to meetings are greatly encouraged. I didn’t know much about drug treatment before this but Hope and Grace is the most I could have hoped for and I rate them up on top.

Tracey Z, March 2019

A New Beginning..

This is what Hope & Grace had to offer us.

Coming from a city with not much to offer your loved one with a drug addition leaves a family feeling hopeless.

After researching many outpatient treatment centers we decided to leave our comfort zone in a city that had nothing to offer for a city we knew nothing about and took a chance on Hope & Grace. This was the best decision my family and I could have made. This was a new beginning for my daughter and for the rest of us. We had hope!! something we have not had in a very long time.

My daughter had a good therapist who helped her from beginning to end with everything she needed to get her life back on track. The staff was awesome and addressed any issues occurred immediately. Any complaints were taken seriously and addressed right away. Staff was very easy to contact. Overall this was a very good program for all of us.

My daughter is now able to function on her own, she attends AA, has a good job that she loves. Life is so beautiful.

Thanks again to Hope & Grace for this new beginning.

Clara G, March 2019