Testimonials From Our Caring Staff


Our staff and treatment team is the core of what makes Hope & Grace a unique rehab facility. We care about every single client because we are one big recovery family. Many of our staff are in recovery themselves and understand the struggles that addicts and alcoholics go through.

I have had the privilege of working aside the phenomenal team at Hope and Grace Recovery Center. The thing I loved most about working there is the priority of specialized treatment and client care. I have witnessed the entire team come together, from clinical, to marketing, to HR, and support clients during some of the heaviest times in their lives. Their dedication to client care and supporting clients in their recovery journey speaks volumes to the quality of treatment provided by Hope and Grace Recovery Center.

Clinical Supervisor

Rebecca S, MSW, MCAP, CCTP

Rebecca S, MSW, MCAP, CCTP

Some time ago I was offered the opportunity at Hope and Grace to help and encourage addicts in their desire for sobriety.  Due to a combination of working in treatment and supporting a private practice I decided to leave Hope and Grace after a year and a number of months.  However, I frequently think of the time I spent there. I was happy and full-filled supporting clients in their journey.

Often I have contemplated the idea of returning to the center. I am drawn to helping people in recovery, and I’m grateful for the chance to share.

During my time at Hope and Grace ,I learned through experience, ways to support and encourage clients.

I celebrate twelve years in sobriety and I welcome the opportunity to continue to focus on helping.

I have happy memories of watching clients work through the challenges of addition who are on the road to recovery.


Susan P, LMHC

Susan P, LMHC