Happy, Newly-Sober Alumni Testimonials


We’ve helped many individuals recover from substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients live a healthy, normal life.

See what our previous clients have to say about us at Hope & Grace Recovery Center…

I have accomplished more at Hope & Grace then I have at any other facility I have been at since I began my journey into recovery I June 2017. I have met some of the nicest therapists and made some really good friends.

Austin V, Tennessee

Hope & Grace has saved my life. They have given me more than one chance to fix my life and be a better me. They have been there for me when I needed them and supported me in my journey.

Paul A, Tennessee

Hope & Grace is probably the best treatment center in South Florida. The staff here really care about helping people and this program truly is about recovery. The staff here are great and they are very respectful and nice. Being in a positive and healthy environment has helped my recovery more than anything.

Christian V, Alabama

Hope & Grace helped my recovery by keeping me accountable. They’ve handled bad situations better than my old halfway/treatment centers did in the past. And the fact that most of the staff really do care even tho this is a business.

Courtney H, Virginia

Hope & Grace has given me so many chances and for that I am so grateful. The support and encouragement I’ve got to keep on trying and pushing thru has been like no other place. The women’s house is really nice and I feel comfortable in it. The groups are so helpful and I’ve never felt as comfortable to share in a group setting as I do here. Everyone from admissions, therapists, group facilitators, owners and techs have personally given me support. Thank you!!

Elijah H, Florida

Hope and Grace Recovery Center has been helpful in my recovery.  By being honest and outgoing in positive ways, my attention is focused on what I need to be doing.  I get the most out of my treatment and recovery.  The staff is really respectful and professional. They go the extra mile to fulfill my recovery needs.  I really appreciate the facilitators that run the groups, in that they are very knowledgeable and understanding of my disease.  I really believe Hope and Grace Recovery works if you are willing to surrender. Let the program’s positive ways lead you to the understanding and treatment of our addiction, one day at a time.  For this I am grateful.

Jon B, Oklahoma

When I first arrived at Hope and Grace I was completely hopeless and could not stop using. Ever since then they have helped me identify my relapse triggers and showed me how to work on them. They have given me many tools to stay clean and sober. Through several relapses they NEVER gave up on me and helped me in ways I couldn’t help myself. A lot of one on one sessions with my therapist has helped me identify aspects of my life that I need to work on. Hope and Grace is definitely a place that holds you accountable and without a doubt cares about their clients. I know if I ever need anything they are just a phone call away.

Richard M, North Carolina

Hope and Grace has helped me with my journey in recovery by being there for me when I really needed help. When I had to leave my last facility Hope and Grace welcomed me with open arms, I don’t know what i would have done otherwise. In the short amount of time that I have here they have worked with me and been there for me. I get frustrated sometimes but at the end of the day I am very grateful for all the support I am getting from all the staff and community. Hope and Grace really cares about me and all of the clients and that helps me want o stay sober.

Caeli W, Pennsylvania

“Hope & Grace Recovery Center is an amazing facility. The staff is genuine and caring. The treatment I have received from Hope & Grace has truly saved my life. The owner (Fitz) is hands-on and always around. Not only do they promote working a program, they work a program themselves.”

Cate R., March 2017

“I am 34 years of age and currently in a wheelchair. Hope & Grace Recovery Center didn’t hesitate to help me continue on my road to recovery. They went above and beyond to accommodate me and my unique situation. Because of the way their programs are set up, they not only taught me – but they showed me – how to truly LIVE AGAIN! Today I live by myself and the sky is the limit!! Thank you Hope and Grace!!… Special thanks to Fitz!!!!”

Jonathon N., March 2017