“I would like to reach out to all of the staff responsible for helping me get back on my feet. I really appreciate the help and support that I received from the Hope & Grace Recovery Center staff. This is a very special treatment center and the reason for that is you aren’t considered a client or customer – you are treated like a member of their family. They accommodated me while I went to school during my treatment process!

Hope & Grace offered transportation to and from the treatment center and they even feed each client every time they come in for IOP or OP which I was very appreciative of, considering I was still in school.

The amount of gratitude I have for Hope & Grace is indescribable. THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOPE & GRACE!”

Max S., March 2017

“My name is Ryan and I was one of the first clients to go through Hope & Grace Recovery Center. Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart that these people played a huge part in saving my life! All the staff members are great and truly care about your recovery. And they want you to stay sober – that is their first priority. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! It’s been a year now without a drink or drug and my life today is amazing!!! Thanks again for believing in me and loving me when I couldn’t.”

Ryan A.

Born in Kansas City, Kansas and raised outside of the city, I was in and out of trouble for most of my youth. After numerous “run-ins” with the law I ended up in South Florida.

Thousands of miles from home with no choice but to look at myself in the mirror, I finally made the decision to change my life once and for all or I would continue the vicious cycle I was in. For the first time in my life I was out of my element, away from all the resources and family I had been around my entire life…

That’s when I was introduced to Hope & Grace Recovery Center.

At the time, I was the fifth client at a new treatment center. With the help of their wonderful staff, (who I now consider my family) I was given every opportunity to succeed.

I thank them daily for that. I took advantage of anything and everything I could to further myself and become successful.

I now am proud to say that I work for them and am planning on attending school to pursue my dreams. I am “light years” from where I was and owe much of my success to Hope & Grace which is why I give them everything I can to help the next person have a successful experience at Hope & Grace Recovery Center.

Kansas City

“While I was undergoing treatment in New Jersey, I heard about a center called Hope & Grace Recovery Center. I was struggling to find a healthy place to do IOP and housing. So, I went to Hope & Grace Recovery Center. They gave me the opportunity to change my life and the guidance and courage to move forward. It has been 9 months now and my life has changed so much. They have done their job and gave me hope.”

New Jersey

“I was struggling with my addiction to alcohol. I was referred to Hope & Grace Recovery Center. They have shown me how to get and stay sober and enjoy life. The staff is amazing and genuine. They are always there to help with any problems clients come across. The housing is nice and clean and the groups are amazing. Thanks to Hope & Grace Recovery Center, I found God and went through an honest recovery program. I would highly recommend Hope & Grace Recovery Center to anyone looking to live a new way of life.”


“After several attempts at a new way of life, Hope & Grace Recovery Center finally help me find my solution. From the staff to my fellow clients I was treated like family. Hope & Grace helped save my life.”