Hope & Grace Recovery Center’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Hope & Grace Recovery Center’s Outpatient Program (OP) is designed for adults 18 and older whose needs and schedules vary. It’s a good choice for clients have completed higher levels of care such as PHP and intensive outpatient drug treatment and are currently maintaining their sobriety.

Our Oakland Park Outpatient Drug Rehab Program is also used for those clients who may be in the early stages of dependency or experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drug use.

This type of program would be appropriate for people that:

  • Are experiencing high-life-stressors that make it difficult to fight their urges and cravings.
  • Haven’t been able to stabilize their substance abuse in a traditional OP setting.

Eligibility for Hope & Grace Recovery Center’s OP

Our OP programs help people realize what underlying issues may be causing or leading to their addiction. By designing a fully comprehensive treatment program, we provide newly recovering users with the tools, knowledge and courage to stay abstinent and live sober every day.

A good candidate for this program includes people who have:

  • Maintained their sobriety for 90 days or more.
  • Continued to work and/or attend school but need continued sobriety support.
  • Already made a commitment to our individual therapy and group therapy sessions.

What to Expect with Hope & Grace Recovery’s OP Program

Hope & Grace Recovery’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program lasts as long as each client needs.

Clients will be expected to attend at least 1 weekly session with their therapist. If more sessions are needed, we will gladly work with clients to find additional sessions for them to attend.

Our outpatient drug rehab in Oakland Park, Florida, expects clients to either be residing in a sober living environment or independent living arrangements.

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