Clinical Team

Eloisa (Loycee) DaCruz

Executive Assistant, IOP Director

Eloisa (Loycee) DaCruz has had a passion for working in the field of addiction since 2009. As the program director at Hope & Grace Recovery Center, Loycee is able to provide our clients with a wealth of information based on her years of experience.

She began working in the field of recovery as a Behavioral Health Tech and later gained experience facilitating group therapy. Her area of expertise includes providing comprehensive case management services to clients including treatment planning, progress reporting, aftercare planning, providing direction to the clinical staff and making sure all of our client’s needs are met.

By using her personal experience and clinical training, her goal is to help each client reach their full potential through spiritual progress and learning to live life sober one day at a time.

Gloria Palacios

Case Manager

Gloria Palacios is the Case Manager at Hope & Grace Recovery Center. She works closely with our Clinical team, as they support and guide our clients through the recovery process. She also provides family members with support, assistance and the knowledge of both addiction and recovery – in order to better assist loved ones after treatment.

After experiencing addiction through a loved one and losing everything, Gloria realized her passion for helping people. Since then, she has dedicated herself to assisting people struggling with alcohol and drug addictions to overcome their substance dependence.

Gloria brings her knowledge and training of over 6 years to Hope & Grace Recovery. She develops structured treatment plans for our clients, each one designed to give them the tools they need to succeed in treatment and find recovery from their addictions.

Janet Johnson

 Primary Therapist, BS, CAP

Janet Johnson has over 29 years of continuous sobriety in recovery. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work (BWS) and Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) accreditation. Janet has worked with Drug Court and private treatment facilities since 2004 and is very passionate it – believing that recovery is always attainable – because she understands the struggle.

Janet gives empathy and compassion along with words of hope from experience, she continually helps people understand that they can find their own path to recovery. Her motto is, “WE” never give up.

Virginia Clancy

Primary Therapist, BA

Virginia bring a wealth of recovery knowledge to Hope and Grace Recovery Center.

Growing up in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous she has always been in touch with the needs of recovering addicts. Virginia completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Upon coming to Florida in 2014, Virginia began working in the treatment industry – first as a housing manager of sober homes and then as a primary therapist. Virginia has extensive knowledge and training in trauma, alternative spirituality, self-esteem building, issues specific to females in recovery, the 12-Steps of both AA, NA and Al-Anon.

Virginia is also a certified facilitator for SMART Recovery and has experience establishing family programs in other institutions – and hopes to bring this knowledge and application to Hope and Grace Recovery. She is currently pursuing both her Certified Addiction Professional Certification and her Master’s in Social work at Our Lady of the Lake University. Virginia’s goal is to help client’s change their personal stories from that of a victim to that of a survivor.

Richard Sterne

Nurse Practioner, MSN, RN, ARNP, FNP, BC

Richard Sterne has worked in the substance abuse and psychiatric field for many years. He started as an intake coordinator helping people get into substance abuse treatment and has since become a Certified Mental Health Professional. Furthering his education, he got another Bachelors degree in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University and became a registered nurse. He has gained experience in critical care, psych and medical surgical nursing units. He also worked in a dual-diagnosis/substance abuse treatment center part-time while working in the hospital.

Richard now has a Graduate degree in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati and is a licensed and certified Nurse Practitioner. His extensive experience in the field plus his outgoing personality make him a great provider for our clients at Hope and Grace Recovery Center.

Meet Our Administrative Team

Ken Fitzemeyer

Founder and CFO

Before starting Hope & Grace Recovery Center, Ken worked in the Financial Services industry for over 23 years.

While Ken is not in recovery himself, his life has been greatly impacted by chemical dependency through loved ones, which is his primary driving force for getting involved in the addiction treatment industry.

Ken has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Mainer at Orono and a Masters of Business Administration from Boston College.

Mike Byron

Executive Director

Mike Byron is the Executive Director at Hope & Grace Recovery Center. He oversees the day-to-day operations and implements any changes that would better enhance the experience for the care of our clients. Mike also runs our Inspiration Groups every morning, which gives him the ability to perform one-on-ones with every client at Hope & Grace to check on their progress and continually build ongoing relationships.

Before working at Hope & Grace Recovery, Mike had a career as an actor in Hollywood. However, he walked away from working with some of the best actors and actresses in order to pursue and solely focus on his true passion – helping people recover. That’s because Mike is a living example of what recovery truly is. He has been in recovery for several years, in the addiction recovery industry for over a decade, and regularly participates in AA and the 12 Steps. His daily mantra is “Tough times don’t last – tough people do.”

At Hope & Grace Recovery, Mike finds that the true joy of working in addiction recovery is to, “watch broken souls go through the 12-step process, get healthy and reunite with their families.” His passions outside of Hope & Grace are fitness and woodworking and his inspiration for his continuing endeavors within the recovery industry are his wife, daughter and family.

Adam Byron

Clinical Interventionist, NCCAIP

Adam Byron is the Clinical Interventionist and NCCAIP (National Certified Clinical Addiction Intervention Professional) at Hope & Grace Recovery Center. He works with families that have loved ones who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction issues.

Adam keeps all of our client’s families updated on their continued progress, answers any questions they have about the recovery process, and teaches families about healthy boundaries when it comes to their loved ones in treatment.

Originally from Massachusetts, Adam relocated to South Florida with his wife and three children in order to dedicate and align himself with the philosophy of Hope & Grace Recovery. He has been working in the field of addiction treatment for over a decade and jumped at the opportunity to work with his brother Michael, who was instrumental in leading Adam into a life of recovery many years ago.

When Adam’s not at Hope & Grace Recovery Center, his passion is coaching youth football. While coaching, he identifies kids who need extra support, a good role model, and helps to keep them from making bad choices or turning to substance abuse.

Adam is truly grateful for the life that he leads and tries to give back what was so freely given to him – the life of recovery.

Mendi Riggins

Human Resources, Compliance Officer

Mendi Riggins has been positively affecting the lives of families in the recovery community for more than 10 years. Mendi’s primary purpose at Hope & Grace Recovery Center is to assist our clients and their families make a comfortable transition into the program. Mendi plays a key role in the day to day operation of the program and assisting families with their financial responsibilities.

She acts as liaison with the client’s families and vendors. Mendi’s background in social services and human resources coupled with her commitment to helping those in recovery has fueled her success in building client/family relationships. Mendi is always available to answer questions, solve problems and assist those in recovery recognized their true potential.

Desiree DeMaio

Director of Admissions

Desiree DeMaio brings years of personal and professional experiences to Hope & Grace Recovery Center as the Admissions Coordinator. She pursues her passion for assisting clients & their families in getting the help they desperately need to start the healing process of recovery.

She enjoys working at Hope & Grace Recovery Center because she strongly believes in its core values and appreciates the opportunity to work with a team who shares similar aspirations. According to Desiree, she has the best position in the organization because she interacts with clients at admission and discharge – allowing her to bear witness to the progression in our clients’ recovery and seeing first-hand the difference our programs have made.